Rogue’s Souls announced, playable alpha

Rogue’s Souls is a new roguelike in development by C. A. Sinclair. You may at first think that the game’s title is a typo, but it isn’t: Rogue’s Souls is literally a game about a rogue who goes around adding to his collection of souls.

It’s a roguelike and it’s loosely inspired by Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls as well Brogue and DoomRL. The focus is on tactical combat. The central mechanic is the stamina system used for things like attacking, blocking and running.

As is the way with most roguelikes, Rogue’s Souls is already freely available and playable even though it remains fairly early in development, though it is currently limited to a 5-floor dungeon. You can nab alpha version 0.51 and give it a try right here. Mouse support and custom tilesets are planned for the final version.

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