RPG Playground announced

One-man game studio Koonsolo (a.k.a Koen Witters) has announced RPG Playground, a browser-based RPG and RPG editor rolled into one, based off of Koonsolo’s RPG editor (which has been “temporarily discontinued,” per the developer).

Witters describes his plans for the game as follows:

With RPG Playground you can create your own online RPG Worlds. It’s basically a web RPG with ingame level editor.

It’s is far from finished, but the following should be possible in the final version:

  • Create your own online RPG World
  • Invite friends to play your RPG
  • Add trees, houses, roads, rivers, etc.
  • Add monsters and fight with them
  • Create items and quests
  • Add NPC’s with conversation trees
  • Play on Windows, Mac, Linux and tablets

Since the game’s initial announcement, an early alpha version of RPG Playground has been made available for free online. You can give it a try right here. The look of the sprites currently available gives off a distinctly RPG Maker vibe, but the developer confirms that the game itself will actually use basic action RPG mechanics rather than jRPG.

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