New release: Forgotten Tales RPG

A few minutes of browsing the Android marketplace reveals another mobile RPG I’ve never come across before: Forgotten Tales RPG by British developers Central Bytes.

I can’t seem to find mention of a narrative anywhere in the game’s description, and actually playing the game just drops you into the world with no exposition or explanation.

Having played the game a bit, I can confirm that it’s tap-to-move, with combat occurring in real time. However, combat is entirely automated. When an enemy gets close, your character will suddenly close distance and start hacking away without your intervention. It’s not quite Progress Quest–you still have to explore and make inventory decisions, and you do have control over what spells your character uses–but beyond that, the game practically plays itself. It’s ideal, in other words, for people who just want to turn their brains off for a while and let the numbers go up.

Here is a video of the game, seemingly captured from some sort of device that is not an Android phone. (A tablet, perhaps?)

Forgotten Tales RPG is free on Google Play, with the developers making income purely through ads (I understand that you can remove in-game ads by paying a small fee).

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