Profit Motive: A Business Adventure RPG announced

Kasan Wright of

Profit Motive Team writes in to announce (what else?) Profit Motive, an RPG styled on the rough-and-tumble world of big business.

The premise is simple:

Profit Motive is a modern day, corporate themed RPG. Players assume the role of Myron Meckler, a one-time executive of a major corporation who has been betrayed by his former supervisor and expelled from the company in dishonor. The game follows Myron as he strives to regain his power and position in the business world.

Players will start out as a small business owner surviving the wiles of unruly and unethical competition and grow into a mega conglomerate vying for power against rival companies in intense corporate warfare.

Next up: bullet points!

  • Over the top battles featuring a unique Turn-Based Combat System.
  • The ability to hire key staff and gain the support of NPCs in the world who can be “Summoned”to your aid in battle.
  • 4 Stages of Business Development including: Lv.1) Small Business, Lv.2) Franchise, Lv.3) International Corporation, Lv.4) Mega Conglomeration. Each level introduces new gameplay mechanics and player abilities that add depth and strategy to the battles.
  • Corporate themed story world with lots of interesting character side stories and open-world missions that explore multiple aspects of running a business. High quality background and sprite art.

Profit Motive is due for release in spring 2013. Given the telltale signs of RPG Maker present in the screenshots below, you will probably be unsurprised to learn that this game is Windows-only; however, the developers tell me that they may port it over to additional platforms if there is sufficient interest!

I fully admit to being rather curious about how this plays–the corporate setting is certainly quite original for an RPG, and I rather fancy the idea of role-playing someone who could double as a Bret Easton Ellis character. While I likely won’t have time to give this a spin for another day or two, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it–namely, via the free demo already available right here.

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