Snöken: Inverno announced

Karl Zylinski has announced a new RPG by the name of Snöken: Inverno, intended as the first of three “Snöken” releases.

The setting for this game is contemporary, and so is the premise:

The game is set in the near future where the greenhouse effect has spiralled out of control. You play as an activist group leader who has heard of a research project that according to your sources have a working solution for saving the climate. The solution is to produce a form of anti greenhouse gas and facilities for this has in secrecy been built, deep in the Amazon rainforest. The facilities are ready to be switched on but for unknown reasons the scientists of the project refused. Convinced that all this is a governmental conspiracy you track down a plane with a scientist who has briefly worked on the project. You hi-jack the plane and land as close to the facilities as possible, thereafter you force the scientist to follow you into the jungle. With his help you are going to turn on the machines that you believe will save the planet.

You can see some early pre-alpha footage of gun combat below:

Zylinski tells me that Snöken: Inverno is planned for release on Windows and Mac sometime this fall, ideally in late October or early November.

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