Two Brothers announced

We have another Zelda-alike on deck here, folks! Ackk Studios has been hard at work on Two Brothers, a Zelda-style action adventure game with graphics modeled in large part on the capabilities of the Game Boy. Also, it is not a beer company.

Here’s the premise:

You take on the role of Roy Guarder, a young inventor who begins to obsess with the idea of finding a new color on earth after a near death experience shows him an after life filled with color. Your brother, Bivare, who is also an inventor and explorer, soon takes on your obsession and you begin a quest.

Roy G.’s brother is referred to as “Biv.” Um, yeah.

Absurdly, Aack Studios has no website I can link you to–only a Facebook page. On the plus side, though, they do have a trailer you can watch:

Want more? Here are two older videos: one showing off exploration, and the other showing off NPC interactions (it looks like all conversation occurs by choosing one of three general emotional states for your response; the developer says that these choices change the outcome of conversations).

Two Brothers is one of the few games I’ve seen to model the afterlife: when you die, you keep playing. From what I understand, dying is in fact pretty essential to your progress. Two Brothers also takes a page from Red Rogue, letting you eat enemy hearts to regain health (though in fairness, this also seems like the most obvious way of explaining exactly what hearts did in the Zelda games).

Aack Studios recently put up (what else?) a Kickstarter, in which they hope to raise money for ports to Mac and XBox 360, marketing and legal expenses, and the costs of…producing stuff for Kickstarter rewards? Meta. In any event, it doesn’t look like a successful campaign is going to make or break completion of the Windows version, so I’ll allow it. The developers say that the game is 70% complete; there’s no release date as of yet, but they say a 2013 release is likely if they meet their fundraising goal.

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