Arakion announced

If you’ve been enjoying the wealth of first-person dungeon crawlers bursting out of the indie scene this past year, then you’re going to appreciate this: Arakion is a new RPG “reminiscent of old school Might and Magic” in development by Chris Taylor.

Here is the premise:

You’re put in control of three heroes  trying to survive a world devastated by war. Adventuring in Arakion will take you across open land, into deep dungeons and even put you in control of rebuilding a desolated town.

A great evil, nearly destroying Arakion in ages past, has returned. It is up to you to create a band of heroes to fight this darkness. The game takes place on two continents floating in the sky, as well as hundreds of minor islands. Arakion has been marred by war and strife for thousands of years and the landscape is a reflection of that.

The Arakion website provides more details on the world’s history and on a fairly unique stable of races.

Taylor is an artist and animator, and this fact shines through in screenshots bearing a visual fidelity comparable to Legend of Grimrock. Speaking of which:

Arakion is planned for release on Windows, Mac and Linux, and is set to receive localization in French. There is also a possibility of tablet support and localization to additional languages.

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