DataJack announced

Interesting news, folks! Epic Banana Software has announced DataJack, a third-person isometric cyberpunk infiltration-focused action RPG. Did you catch all of that? Don’t worry; here’s the developer description to clarify:

DataJack is an upcoming 2D cyberpunk stealth action / RPG game which has been under development for four years. Set in the year 2030, following the collapse of nation states, the world of DataJack is run by megacorporations who recognize no rule of law beyond sheer military force. The game follows the career of a corporate mercenary who hires out his abilities as assassin, hacker and gunslinger to the highest bidder.

DataJack features hacking, stealth, destructible walls, dynamic guard AI, and real-time gunplay that hearkens back to the original Syndicate.

Still not getting it? Maybe this video will help:

I asked the main developer, Ryan Shaw, for more info about the RPG aspects of the game. He stated that he is following a model inspired by Deus Ex:

Everything is controlled through the flow of credits which you earn through missions- no separate exp / $$ counters. You then must decide what to soup up: your cybernetic limbs, your guns, your deck, your inventory, etc. So in essence it collapses the skills / leveling into a series of allocation choices. Better arms, for example, will give you better accuracy with your weapons, or you could invest in leg upgrades that would make your footsteps quieter.

DataJack will feature 28 moddable weapons and a handful of cybernetic augmentations to enhance your character as you progress. Shaw informs me that DataJack progresses via a branching series of open-ended missions from multiple factions:

It’ll be up to the player to decide what missions to take and when (limited by a sort of progression in faction standing) until eventually they hit upon one of the three endgame missions which will then lock them into working for that faction until the particular end. A few other games have this model, like the Armored Core series, or Escape Velocity (from way back in the day).

The factions are in place, and I’m working to give them unique presentations. One is your typical cyberpunk megacorp, one is a private military force, and the third is a radical youth anarchist hacker gang. None of them are particularly “good” and I’m getting the feeling that the main character isn’t a good guy either.

There is no estimated release date for DataJack yet; the developer tells me that it will be Windows-only.

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