New expansion: The Castle of N’Mar

Loren the Amazon Princess (previously covered here) has just been graced with a brand new expansion by the name of The Castle of N’Mar.

It all begins when Amazon scouts have gone missing while investigating disturbances in the cursed land of N’mar … It is now up to Loren and her companions to find out what is really plaguing the dark castle by the sea.

From the looks of it, the castle is mostly plagued with an abundance of attractive single people:

Here is the expansion feature list:

3 New Playable Characters – Sauzer, Mesphit, and Chambara from the original game can now be yours to control! They’re dynamic new characters that behave differently in battle than anyone else. Two of them also come complete with full romance arcs. See how having them in your party now changes the main story!

Non-linear Storyline – You decide how and when to complete the myriad of new quests that await you. No way is more correct than others, but everything has its own consequences.

New Endings – Change the fate of the world once more by completing certain plot lines. There are many new surprises for both an old and new player to discover!

Personal Quests – Get to know your party members much better by helping them complete a task that is very important to them. You’ll travel all over the world and meet interesting new characters, all while forming a stronger bond with your allies.

Optimized Gameplay – The battle system has been tweaked and rebalanced to provide you with a better gaming experience.

You can pick up the expansion for $9.99. (If you don’t already own Loren the Amazon Princess, you can get them both at once for a grand total of $34.9–$9.99 plus the game’s normal $24.99 price tag.)

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