New release: Choice of the Star Captain

You know who puts out a ton of games? Choice of Games, that’s who. Dorian Hart is the latest author to produce a choose-your-own-adventure / RPG hybrid via the Choice of Games engine, a sci-fi space epic entitled Choice of the Star Captain.

About that:

Fight on the front lines of the war between humanity and the hideous Blobs. (Not that anyone has actually seen a Blob up close, but everyone knows they have tentacles. Surely they’re hideous!) Go on stealth missions, run alien blockades, and investigate mysterious planets, “aided” by Lloyd, your insufferably obnoxious shipboard computer.

Choice of the Star Captain is the hilarious interactive science-fiction novel where your choices determine how the story proceeds. The game is entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—but powered by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

If you don’t know who author Dorian Hart is, let’s put it this way: he spent 7 years at Looking Glass Studios and then joined Irrational Games. Hart has worked on such titles as Ultima Underworld, System Shock, System Shock 2, and Bioshock. So basically, this man has one hell of a pedigree. I find the fact that he nonetheless decided to sit down and make a text-based indie game delightful.

Also rather delightful: the storytelling in Choice of the Star Captain. Give it a try here via a free browser demo. You can pick up the full game for $2.99 on Android or iOS, or via the Chrome Store.

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