New release: Everlong

Dear reader, I know what you’re thinking: “Craig, Foo Fighters released that song, like, a billion years ago. Also, that’s a song, not an RPG.” How wrong you are! Everlong is also a jRPG, thanks to Doug Carpenter (and a small army of other folks). You are right about it being released a while ago, though. What can I say: it’s new to me.

Here’s the premise:

You are a Blackguard, a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, yet hunted by your imperial masters after turning renegade. Only through enlisting the aid of friends and allies can you escape pursuit and defeat the oppressive Cirigoth regime. Journey across the world’s continents to forge a confederacy and fight for freedom in global war. Yet a more insidious plot looms in the shadows. A fallen god seeks to exploit civilization’s folly and reclaim the dreams and nightmares of humanity.

Check it out: there’s even gameplay footage!

Everlong is free, but Windows-only; download it here.

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  • jackal27 says:

    This actually looks pretty decent for an RPG Maker game. I know that a lot of the stuff is ripped from other games and such, but I’m pretty open to anything with a bit of creativity and a lack of RTP graphics.


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