AAIMIE announced

James Sablatura writes in to announce AAIMIE, an unusual sci-fi first-person dungeon delver where you play as an AI robot.

AAIMIE, short for ‘Autonomous Artificially Intelligent Mechanized Industrial Engineer’, is a first person point of view dungeon crawler. You play as AAIMIE, a repair bot in a power facility on a distant planet. One day after a brief power outage, her memory banks were filled with new found knowledge of power facility, its secrets, its inhabitants and most importantly an uncontrollable urge to destroy the very facility she has spent her life repairing.

The developer describes AAIMIE as a cross between Tron and Legend of Grimrock. He writes: “AAIMIE focuses on exploration, story-telling, scripted events and a story-driven gameplay.”Although AAIMIE will feature real-time combat, Sablatura states that the game’s primary focus will be on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than constant fighting.

AAIMIE will not be party-based; the developer has stated that he wanted to focus on the feeling of isolation from being a lone repair bot. Sablatura has created an early trailer that demonstrates AAIMIE’s grid-based movement and gives a sense of the game’s aesthetics:

AAIMIE is due for release in “late 2013” for PC, Mac, iOS and Android; no word yet on pricing. There is also a Kickstarter, if you’d like to help the game meet its modest budget goals for art, sounds, and Unity licenses.

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