Fabula Divina open alpha update

Graham Norville writes in to let me know that Fabula Divina (previously covered here) has been updated to version 0.32.

The developers tell me that there have been many, many changes. Among them:

  • Character generation and player classes are in.
  • There is now a magic system.
  • The introduction and main story of the first act is in (good for 2-3 hours of play).
  • The battle system for the player has switched to jRPG style mode, while monsters battle themselves on the map.
  • Karma is starting to be assessed.  (Example: if you take something from someone’s house, your karma goes down.)
  • NPC farmers grow their own crops.
  • Gardening has been implemented.
  • Two dungeons are in the game.
  • UI improved; roguelike-style keyboard input is in.
  • Help system has been implemented in the form of a guardian angel who you “talk” to.
  • Gems can be collected and pounded into glyphs to upgrade items.
  • You can now sail the high seas in boats.
  • The hero talks to you now, giving you feedback on what is happening to him/her in the world.

Well! That’s certainly a lot of improvements. Oh, and there is a trailer now:

The devs say that they are working on a system for random dungeon generation for their next update. As before, the game is freely available to download–snag it here.

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