I Shall Remain announced

Florin Udrea writes in to let me know about I Shall Remain, an action RPG set (where else?) in the zombie apocalypse. In development by Jake Way and Scorpius Games,

I Shall Remain is a bird’s eye view RPG that allows you to control the journey of a Marine who has awoken in a city infected by the Z0M-31 virus. Memory impairing head trauma requires him to slowly relearn who he was. As he learns and regains his profession at arms, his peers are more convinced that people like him, are man’s greatest weapon against certain extinction. Navigate the Marine through the city, organize teams of survivors and equip them to fight, plow through the crowds of zombies with lead, vehicles and explosives. The careful and calculated execution of this just might allow you to survive.

They have a trailer:

In short, it’s a real-time isometric squad-based shooter with inventory management, character creation, leveling and skill trees. It’s also episodic; the “prologue” episode is available for free. The first proper episode is planned for release “soon” on Windows.

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