New release: Middens

John Clowder writes in to announce the release of Middens, “an exploration game using collage and original pixel art in tandem that takes the perspective of a drifter traversing a veritable x-zone.” If it were up to me, I’d call it a surrealist jRPG in the tradition of Space Funeral, OFF, or (perhaps the closest analog) Boundless Ocean.

The premise:

Roving its interminable wastes the nomad chances upon a sentient revolver beside an ominous pile of remains. The pistol offers its exploit in exchange for a pledge of inextricable companionship. Espousing to be the player’s conscience the dubious weapon directs the drifter to a nearby outpost wherein the story further unfolds.

Despite its appearance as a wasteland the rift is home to many strange denizens–some volatile and others ineffectual. Whatever their disposition the pistol represents the choice to engage them or to spare them. Aggression and passivity have their appropriate times with rewards and consequences being granted to both paths respectively.

Clowder reports that Middens features more than two hundred hand crafted creature portraits, an original soundtrack of seventy songs, a custom battle system, multiple endings, an open-ended world, collectibles, and some very attractive watercolor art by Shaina Nordlund. Oh, also: a trailer. It has one of those. Behold!

There. If that didn’t intrigue you, you should probably seek medical attention.

Middens is free and runs exclusively on Windows. The most recent version, v. 2.22, is available for download right now from or from GameJolt. What are you waiting for?

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