The Wizard’s Lair announced

David Williams writes in to announce The Wizard’s Lair, the latest in a seemingly endless stream of graphical roguelikes coming out of the community lately.

The premise:

The game is an RPG in the spirit of Roguelikes and the Mystery Dungeon series, in which the hero(you) is tasked to descend the Dungeon and defeat the Wizard of Anarkhis, who has stolen a powerful Staff and threatens to destroy everything in his wake! It has randomly-generated dungeons, fearsome monsters and a bunch of potions and spell scrolls to use!

Yup, sounds like a roguelike to me. Looks like one, too.

From the video, it’s apparent that this is one of those roguelikes that requires you to manage hunger by finding food as you progress. Beyond that, I’m not totally clear on what distinguishes this game from other graphical roguelikes (other than the little “poof” animation for clearing fog of war and sword swing animations, which are pretty swell).

The Wizard’s Lair is currently in beta, but you can pre-order it on either Windows or Linux for £3.50 (approximately $6) and play it as development continues. The game will cost double this amount upon release.

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