Voyage to Farland beta PC/Linux ports released

You may recall a peculiar little roguelike I posted about back in April by the name of Voyage to Farland. The developer, Patrick Casey of Peculiar Games, writes in to let me know that he’s well into the process of porting the game to Windows and Linux.

Even better, he’s posted the current beta version for everyone to try online. He has this to say about it:

The UI still needs work and it’s using the same mobile sized graphics scaled way up, but the gameplay’s pretty solid since it’s using the same roguelike engine that’s been tested and honed for two years in the Android version. So if players can look past the current graphical shortcomings they should be able to enjoy the game.

He states that ShroomArts is currently producing new, high-resolution sprites for all of the game’s characters, which he expects will be complete within a few months. In the meantime, grab the beta port now (here for Windows, here for Linux)!

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