Caravaneer 2 announced

This is exciting news (if quite late). In a terse post some months back on the News section of Sugar Free Games, Dmitry Zheltobriukhov announced that a sequel to the excellent post-apocalyptic wRPG Caravaneer is in the works. This sequel has evidently been in production since June 18th of this year.

The original Caravaneer has been around since 2007. An intense, open-ended post-apocalyptic survival RPG with solid party-based tactical combat and surprisingly good economic simulation mechanics, Caravaneer was the second game I ever reviewed on this site.

Even without knowing any details of the forthcoming sequel, I believe its announcement would be news well worth posting. However, a bit of digging around on Facebook managed to turn up a few more snippets of information:

  • The (hand-painted!) title screen art is shown above.
  • The dialog system is in-game and working.
  • Caravaneer 2 is planned for a free browser release to promote Zheltobriukhov’s website
  • Zheltobriukhov is exploring the possibility of a crowdfunding campaign to assist with development.

Zheltobriukhov has been a bit cagey about an estimated release date for the game, so for now that remains a big question mark. When I know more, I will share it.

Hat tip: Bryan Cooper.

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