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After that last posting, I realized I’d need another one. Luckily, Awkward Pegasus Games was there to clumsily swoop in to the rescue! (Get it, because it’s an awkward pegasus? Never mind.) After Awkward Pegasus Games left, I noticed a new jRPG lying there. After.

…no, no, After is the name of the game. Come on people, get with it! And after you get with it, here is the premise for you to read:

Transported to a world that’s eerily perfect, an under-confident teen chases after a criminal who claims to know the way home; but when the teen discovers the truth about this perfect world he must decide the value of his own life before condemning another to a fate worse than death, or killing himself to save them.

Developer David Kuelz states that the game has a branching storyline with multiple different main quests and eight endings, which sounds pretty ambitious. Also, the game apparently has 10 different character classes and sub-classes, which also sounds fairly ambitious.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a trailer!

After is out now for Windows. The game has a free demo; after you’ve played it, you might want to play After. You can grab After right here after you pay $14.99. After.

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