New release: Alcarys Complex

Jonathan Dixon writes in to let me know that Modest Arcade has released Alcarys Complex, the The Secret of Mana-style action jRPG that we last covered back in June.

The premise:

Welcome to Elcaea, the world of the wicked.

In the place of heroes and villains are people – for the most part – doing what they can to take back their lives from those who would seek to control them for pleasure and profit.

Visit a dark world rotten with corruption in this story-driven 2D action RPG, gain experience by story progression and interaction with the citizens of Elcaea, rather than random acts of violence, and, most of all, do what it takes to survive in a world that would rather see you dead than free.

The world might rather see you dead, but I’m willing to bet that you’d rather see you a trailer:

…I apologize for the grammar in that last sentence. I’m trying here, folks.

Alcarys Complex is now available for Windows at a $20 price point, though you can get it for only $15 until the end of the week. There’s a free demo available so you can try it out before you purchase.

Though the game is currently Windows-only, Dixon informs me that a Mac port will be seeing release by the end of the year.

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