New release: The Fleet

Jason Hill writes in to announce the release of The Fleet, the latest text-based RPG / Choose-Your-Own-Adventure hybrid using the Choice of Games engine.

Created by Jonathan Valuckas, The Fleet offers the following premise:

Take back your home world from alien invaders! Forge an Intergalactic Alliance (with untrustworthy allies) to reclaim your planet; blast your way to victory with an ever-expanding arsenal. Will you sacrifice civilian lives to exact vengeance on your enemies?

For example, in deep space, you’ll encounter an enemy base, where alien military scientists are building weaponized AI drone ships, in violation of intergalactic treaties. But the aliens are stationed there with workers and their families; if you attack civilians unilaterally, it will jeopardize your reputation with the nascent Intergalactic Alliance. What will you do?

A) Destroy the entire production facility, killing alien civilians in the process.
B) Destroy the shipyard full of drones, allowing the enemy to rebuild the facility.
C) Just defend your own civilians from incoming drones.

The choice is yours. Will you return home as the president of a puppet state, a prisoner of war, or a military dictator? Will you even recognize home when you get there?

It reminds me a bit of Choice of the Star Captain, but much less campy in tone.

You can grab the game for $2.99 on iOS, on Android, or via the Google Chrome store. You can also check out a free demo right here to see if it’s your speed.

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