New release: Pirates and Traders

Michael Akinde of MicaByte Systems writes in to announce Pirates and Traders, a pirate-themed trading game / RPG hybrid. Akinde states that P&T is modeled on the old PalmOS game Space Traders, but is set in the 17th century Caribbean and features attributes, skills, and menu-based combat.

The premise:

Sail the Caribbean in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Will you be peaceful trader, traveling from island to island with goods trying to exploit circumstances of high supply and demand? Or will you be a rapacious pirate, waging war on sea and on land against the enemies of your country. You decide!

Akinde describes the combat system like so:

Standard turn-based RPG combat, without the spatial element. It’s essentially similar to what you would have in a basic pen and paper RPG just a bit less complex – although it still has combat stances, some limited skill usage, and an injury system complete with maiming – got to make it possible for players to need eye patches, hooks, and peg legs.

Akinde states that he continues to update Pirates and Traders with new content regularly, and that he intends to add two more main storyline quests to the game. Pirates and Traders is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play store for free with ads, or for $4.99 without. The $4.99 “Gold” edition also “adds 1 new starting background (buccaneer), and adds 5 additional starting ships (pinnace, coastal barque, fluyt).”

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