Open Beta: Rogue’s Tale

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image-3700‘s aptly named roguelike RPG, Rogue’s Tale, has entered open beta after being in development since 2009. This the second phase of the game’s open beta, which will end sometime in January 2013. Even though the game is in beta, it is playable from beginning to end and is in the very final stages of development. The game’s creators hope to release the full version of Rogue’s Tale in early 2013.

Rogue’s Tale is freeware for now and while it is a single-player game, it does require an in-game registration in order to play. You can download the stand-alone client, but you are also able to download and host a server of your own in case the the server goes down.

I just want to add that I have really been enjoying this game personally. It has some pretty graphics and silky smooth gameplay with deceptive amounts of depth to it. However, let me warn you, this game is hard. I don’t mean that Rogue’s Tale is difficult because it is a roguelike either. Rogue’s Tale is hands-down one of the toughest roguelikes I have ever played. Still, none of my deaths in the game have felt particularly unfair and I feel that Rogue’s Tale is certainly worth a look.

Download the Rogue’s Tale beta here to get started and feel free to report any bugs to!


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  • Dan says:

    Definitely agree with the nice, polished, and silky smooth gameplay. For roguelikes, this one is the most “studio” that I’ve played. I haven’t gotten attached to it, though. I tend to play as magic users and didn’t find (yet?) many options for character creation that would seemingly cater to that class.

    I would likely purchase this one as I can see the potential for those that like the multiplayer aspect. Plus, if the dev team can create something that is this nice out of the gates, the best may yet be coming.


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