Telepath Tactics alpha demo released

Telepath Tactics, the up-coming tactical RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux from Sinister Design, has just gotten a free alpha demo showing off some of the game’s mechanics.

The demo consists of a short tutorial, followed by a fairly large single player battle which involves crossing a river to capture a heavily guarded fort / weapons depot.

You can grab the Windows demo right here; the Mac and Linux version is here. (Note: the Mac and Linux one requires AIR; Linux users should grab that here.)

While I’m on the subject of Telepath Tactics, this trailer was recently released rattling off the game’s features and showing gameplay clips:

Telepath Tactics is currently in alpha, and running a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for additional graphics, sounds, and other content. The demo release is designed to help draw in backers. If you like what you see in the demo, feel free to go back the game.

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  • jackal27 says:

    I hear the creator is a pretty chill bro! ;D

  • Kyosho says:

    Nah, I hear he’s a bit of a dick. 😛

    Pledged. Hey Craig, if Greenlight goes through, is there a chance of getting our digital copy via a Steam key? Also, dude, your link in this post, to the kickstarter, is broken. Might want to fix that.

    That reminds me, I need to go back to Telepath. I started it, and was really into it, but I was playing so many games at the time that I stopped playing it temporarily. Which turned into months. Like it does with so many games. Too many games to play! Ah, first world problems.

  • Craig Stern says:

    Gah! Thanks, I fixed the link. WordPress is gonna kill me one of these days. 😛

    If the game gets onto Steam, then yeah, free Steam keys for backers are a given. But of course, getting onto Steam is never guaranteed.

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