Eternal Eden: Ecclesia announced, available for pre-order

Eternal Eden Ecclesia
Word has it that Blossomsoft, creators of the RPG Maker jRPG Eternal Eden, are hard at work on a more polished follow-up by the name of Eternal Eden: Ecclesia.

The premise for the sequel is vague on plot details, but it does contain an interesting new gameplay mechanic:

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia is a direct sequel to the 2008 role playing video game, Eternal Eden. In the first installment the player traveled in two parallel worlds. In this upcoming installment, the journey has evolved a bit differently; the player explores a single world but it’s constantly influenced by four powerful reality paradigms (Cryo, Terra, Inferno and Omega).

I asked the creator for more information about how the reality paradigms work; it seems that they’re ways of altering the environment of any given area in a way that reminds me of indie platformer Eversion:

The Cryo reality is some kind of Transylvania-ish projection that covers the world with frost and become populated by undead creatures. The Terra reality is some kind of Celtic projection that invokes elves, goblins and other similar mystic creatures. The Inferno reality engulfs the world in heat and flames. The Omega reality brings electricity, science, and technologies. Summoning these reality paradigms back and forth will allow the player to solve mysteries and progress through the game.

It’s actually a pretty interesting idea, in my opinion.

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia is evidently mostly done, with an announced release timeline of Q1 2013. Blossomsoft has stated that the game will be made available for Windows, Mac and iPad; you can currently pre-order the game through Paypal for $20.

Oh, and here is a metric ton of really nice-looking screenshots:

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