Legend of Grimrock 2 announced…kinda

I’ve been reluctant to post this as news, given that this is more of a tease than a proper announcement, but I suppose it’s worth mentioning: Almost Human Ltd., makers of first-person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock, have indicated that they are working on a sequel.

They have posted basically no details about this game at all, stating only this:

So, what’s next, you might ask. We thought we could share with you a glimpse of some new exiting [sic] things we’ve been working on.

I don’t even know if it’s even called Legend of Grimrock 2, frankly–I’m just using a placeholder name until the devs provide one.

Luckily, they did post a couple of screenshots, so it’s not like the announcement was completely devoid of content. Here, we can see that the sequel (expansion?) will feature new environments and playable races.

That is literally the full extent of anything that anyone knows about this game. Release date? No idea. Platforms? Unknown, but presumably the same as the last one. The screenies look nice, though. (Cool story, bro.)

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