Mini RPG announced, playable

Mini RPG
Jason Pickering has announced Mini RPG, an adorable small-scale jRPG he’s hoping to have finished within a month.

The premise:

The player will run around the overworld, solving puzzles and getting into random battles. the entire overworld will be rather small. maybe 10 x 10 screens. but there will probably be some running around and back and forth, similar to a zelda game where you suddenly get something to open up a new area you previously found. The player will be able to carry one item. these will always be story or puzzle specific, Key to unlock Door, Item for Person.

The Main story is you must find this magical amulet to Free the king who was turned to stone by an evil curse.

I am also hoping I can make a series of these after the base mechanics are in. I want the stories to change but always focus on this amulet. similar to the orb in the Heavy Metal movie.

Combat looks to be one-on-one and turn-based, a little like in the Pokemon games.  Mini RPG will feature a skill-based progression system. To wit:

The skills will be the players progession system. they will earn Gems instead of XP and the player can attach these to skills. thats how many times the player can use that skill in an encounter. so you can choose to go with more heals, or more fireballs. thats up to you. Level Ups will be handed out at story beats I decide to discourage grinding. Each time a player levels up they either earn a gem or an extra heart. Gems and heart will also be hidden in side missions too.

The game is being created in Flash, and has a playable prototype online right here. Go ahead and give it a try!

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