Moonshades announced

Last year was just chock full of announcements for new first-person dungeon crawlers, but it’s been a couple of months since the last one. Let’s consult our friend, the Magic 8 Ball.

Tell me, oh 8 Ball! Is the glut finally over?

Your sources say no? Funny; so do mine.

Your sources say no? Funny; so do mine.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Here to turn the spigot back on is Moonshades, “an old school RPG” (sigh) that looks an awful lot like a low-poly Legends of Grimrock. It’s an in-browser game that (yay!) features multiplayer support, 3 races, 8 classes, crafting and pets. It also (double sigh) features achievements and “social media integration.”

There’s a trailer showing off a recent alpha build of the game, one that wisely omits the more iffy aspects of the feature list:

Only time will tell whether this lives up to its potential or wanders down the dark path of social games. For now, you can actually play the alpha for free without having to register; do that here and see how you like it.

Moonshades Alpha

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