New release: Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord

Age of Fear 2
All right, folks: time to start going through the backlog of news! First up, we have Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord, a turn-based fantasy strategy game from Leszek Sliwko.

Age of Fear 2 is, of course, the sequel to Age of Fear: The Undead King, which I reviewed here.

Age of Fear 2 comes with two campaigns, “The Demon’s Lover” and “The Horde.” There doesn’t seem to be a full plot summary available for either of them; however, one gets the general sense that one campaign involves the orcs fending off an invasion from the new Chaos Demon faction, while the second involves playing as the aforementioned Chaos Demons:

The story takes place in an untamed fantasy land, where four forces: the Human Kingdom, the Greenskins’ Horde, the Undead Legion, and the Chaos Demons, are fighting for domination and survival.

You’re about to encounter quick skirmishes, where your unit’s cooperation is essential. You will visit distant lands, either as a twisted succubus or an evil orcish warlord. And you will conquer cities, destroy demonic invaders, and discover ancient secrets. At least, you’ll do all of that if you can survive!

The feature list for Age of Fear 2 looks pretty solid; I’m somewhat amused that non-cheating AI is now a feature, and find myself wondering exactly how it was that the AI cheated in the previous game:

  • Multiplayer and skirmish modes! (HotSeat vs. AI vs. Networked Players)
  • Two full campaigns with multiple branches: The Demon’s Lover and The Horde!
  • Enhanced and non-cheating AI!
  • 91(!) units with over 100 unique skills, split into four distinctive armies (Human Kingdom, Undead Legion, Greenskins Horde and Chaos Demons)!
  • Over 40 unique battles and bonus content!

Meanwhile, the combat system appears to be mostly the same, featuring free movement across grid-free battlefields in a turn-based fashion:

Sliwko has promised that a mission editor will be made available in a future release. In the meantime, Age of Fear 2 has a free demo available right now for Windows, Mac and Linux; grab it here. The full version of the game is likewise available for Windows, Mac and Linux and can be yours for $19.99–buy it here direct from the developer.

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