New release: Choice of Kung Fu

Choice of Kung Fu
Last month, Choice of Games released another of its Choose-Your-Own-Adventure / RPG hybrids, this one martial arts themed. Written by novelist Alana Joli Abbott, Choice of Kung Fu takes place in a fantasy version of ancient China. The premise:

Become the greatest fighter the world has ever known, harnessing the power of chi to manipulate the energies of the universe. Defeat rivals, find romance, and rise to become the Imperial Champion. Win the right to question the immortal Dragon Sage, who speaks just once every hundred years!

The fate of the Middle Kingdom depends on you! Will you play as male or female? Gay or straight? Will you battle against foreign invaders, or will you rise up against the Emperor? What question will you ask the Dragon Sage, the wisest of all creatures?

Choice of Kung Fu is available for iOS, Android, and–via the Chrome Web Store–Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Choice of Kung Fu Screenie

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