New release: Dungeon Lore

Dungeon Lore
Two-man studio 3D Attack announces the release of Dungeon Lore, a turn-based isometric RPG. The devs call it a “tactical RPG,” but you’re only ever in control of a single character, which (in my view) single-handedly disqualifies it from that subgenre designation.

There doesn’t seem to be a narrative premise posted anywhere, so let’s have a look at the game’s feature list instead:

• Turn Based Tactical RPG (non-grid based)
• Complete camera freedom! Rotate and zoom in all directions!
• Unique Looting System featuring almost 350 different objects
• 90 Achievements in total!
• Hand crafted beautiful dangerous dungeons and hunting grounds.
• Quest based gameplay
• Combat system featuring Melee, Ranged and Magic attacks
• High replay value due to monsters getting stronger when player levels up and random loot.
• Atmospheric soundtrack and sound fx composed exclusively for the game
• Hunting grounds to train and gain gold
• Hours of challenging gameplay
• Class-free dungeon exploration
• Search for traps and disable them using your skills!
• Raise character statistics to your needs and game style.
• Character creation process which allows to set stats and skills
• Magic system with 4 Elementals fighting at your side
• Incredible atmospheric and highly detailed dungeons
• Progress at your own pace. Stress free.
• Use Magic potions, rings and ear-rings to enhance your hero

So basically: it’s turn-based, atmospheric, isn’t class-based, uses enemy level scaling, and has lots of items. Got it. Here’s the trailer.

Dungeon Lore is exclusive to the iPad; grab it here for an extremely reasonable $1.99.

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