New release: Heileen 3: New Horizons

Heileen 3
Going through my Enormous Backlog o’ Emails, I spy something from the ever-prolific Winter Wolves: a dating sim by the name of Heileen 3: New Horizons!

“A what?” I hear you say. “A dating sim? Cripes, man–this is supposed to be an RPG site!” Ah, but you see, dating sims are RPGs, technically. I mean, they have characters, dialog, grinding and leveling; it’s just that they’re more focused on (weird abstractions of) personal relationships and less focused on killing monsters/gathering loot/chasing magical MacGuffins.

The premise of Heileen 3 is only slightly ludicrous:

After being rescued by Captain Morgan and his pirate crew, they set o–

Wait, wait. Captain Morgan? Seriously? I…let’s…just not focus on that.

After being rescued by Captain Morgan and his pirate crew, they set off to find and reunite with her old friends. Aboard the ship, the Morning Star, Heileen ponders on what she’ll like to do with her life.

Along the way she will meet new characters, discover additional things about her old friends and maybe learn a profession thanks to the new skills system. The Virtues/Sins gameplay introduced in the second game is also present: every choice in the game will change Heileen’s personality, in a wide array of possibilities. Saint or sinner? That will be up to you to decide!

As is Winter Wolves’s wont, the game seems very focused on letting you customize your character and role play her relationships with a bevy of other characters. Celso Riva tells me that Heileen 3 features four potential romances (“Morgan, John, Jonathan or the new face Sebastian”), as well as 14 available professions with a custom unlockable ending for each. Word has it that four same-sex romances will also be coming to the game in a future expansion.

Look, off the starboard bow: it’s a trailer!

Heileen 3 is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux at a $19.99 price point. Grab the full game here if this sounds like your sort of thing. Want to try it out before you buy? Grab the demo: Windows, Mac and Linux.

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