New release: Saturday Morning RPG Episode 4

Mighty Rabbit Studios is on a roll, folks, with Episode 4 of Saturday Morning RPG seeing release barely a month after the last one. “But Craig,” you say, “it’s been more than a month sinc–” Shhhh. I was on hiatus, remember? Here, look at these screenshots; you are feeling very sleepy…

The premise:

Commander Hood has stolen Christmas from the citizens of Shadow Valley and hoarded their gifts in his Antarctic hideout the dreaded Terror Tower! It’s up to Marty to save Christmas and return the town’s gifts!

As with previous episodes, Episode 4: “Ho Ho HOOD!” is available as a $1.99 in-app-purchase from the main game, or for free if you’ve purchased the $6.49 Deluxe Edition.

SMRPG Christmas Special

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