Opinion: “11 differences between Telepath Tactics and The Battle for Wesnoth”

I post this here mostly because I think it’s an interesting exploration of two different approaches taken by two indie strategy RPGs. A relevant snippet:

This difference in focus has knock-on effects that resonate down to even the smallest choices in the mechanics each game features. For instance: Wesnoth uses a zone of control mechanic to keep enemies from easily sliding through small gaps in your defense to capture towns. However, Wesnoth very seldom employs any sort of flanking bonuses against individual units. Telepath Tactics, by contrast, awards a near-universal 50% backstab damage bonus to attacks that hit from behind; there is no zone of control. Telepath Tactics is more focused on good formations and precise positioning; Wesnoth, on keeping control of specific points on the battlefield. Each game’s mechanics reflect its area of focus.

The full thing’s here if you’re curious.

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  • erdraug says:

    Meh, AFAIC: Wesnoth = clone of SSI’s Fantasy General = computer wargame. Telepath Tactics = clone of Langrisser = tactical RPG.

    The author is right, it really *is* like comparing chess to risk. Interesting read, thanks for the link.


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