Cryamore announced

Despite what you may think, Cryamore isn’t a game about an Italian guy yelling about love in his native tongue. No, sir! Cryamore is an upcoming aRPG patterned on The Secret of Mana, currently being developed by NostalgiCO.

The premise:

Cryamore is about a spunky bookworm who goes by the name of Esmyrelda Maximus! Cryamore is a mineral discovered by her early settlers on Noka Island to replace the now-ancient steam-powered technology. It was later found out that they could be used as elemental catalysts to power a wide variety of things, even humans.

But this is causing an imbalance on the island, causing monsters to appear out of nowhere and sapping the town’s resources. Since Esmy (her nickname she prefers to be called) is passionate and a good candidate for Cryamore research, she’s commissioned by the Town Council Chief to search for alternate Cryamore resources, which spirals into a much more ominous dilemma.

It’s hard to tell from the description, but this may be more of a Zelda-alike than an aRPG.

Cryamore is still very early in development (pre-alpha is the term), but the developers have nonetheless opted for an open development style that involves uploading video footage of the game as they progress. Here is the last such video, uploaded circa January 1st:

Cryamore is being developed for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, with planned Ouya support announced as well. The game is currently planned for release in March 2014.

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