Legend of Grimrock 2 announcement confirmed

Grimrock II "Teaser Logo"
This just in! Remember that time we thought Almost Human was announcing Legend of Grimrock 2? Shocking twist: it turns out that they were, in fact, announcing Legend of Grimrock 2.

Up until now information and news about our new project have been quite scarce and we apologize for that. The reason for the silence is that we have been uncertain what the new project actually is. Making the ports to other platforms and updating Legend of Grimrock on multiple platforms has taken a lot of time so focusing 100% on the new project has been impossible.

Earlier we have mentioned that we are working on a “Grimrock related project” and internally we have talked about the project being a DLC for Grimrock. But creating a DLC for Grimrock doesn’t really ring true to us…

we are now officially working on… Legend of Grimrock 2!

I’m kind of amazed at these guys’ ability to talk and talk and still say nothing; it’s almost politican-level. Read the full thing if you want to be bored stiff. Thankfully, they’re a good deal better at making games than they are at posting updates, so I remain eager to see what they do with the sequel.

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