Radio the Universe announced

Radio the Universe
Are you tired of hearing about new Zelda-alikes? I sure hope not! Radio the Universe is a strange, dark science fiction Zelda-alike by the enigmatic 6e6e6e.

The premise:

I blended classic Zelda and dark science fiction and drank the ensuing mixture. It was Radio the Universe.

Players will feel aesthetic and gameplay influences from titles like Yume Nikki, Symphony of the Night, Hotline Miami, and Dark Souls, with a tinge of 2D JRPGs thrown into the mix.

RtU is a challenging and atmospheric sci-fi game with SNES-style visuals and a sinister, offbeat narrative.

It might not sound like much written out like that, but watch this trailer and drink in the atmosphere–I’m pretty sure you’ll be sold:

6e6e6e has a Tumblr, but it hasn’t been updated since the start of his recent Kickstarter; there’s also a Youtube channel, but that hasn’t been updated since September. The main place to get information about the game, it seems, is its Kickstarter page. On January 24, 6e6e6e wrote the last of what is currently four updates:

what’s next?

sit back, check out the occasional development updates, and wait. the seed has been planted, and in time, this plot will yield a golden sea of video game plenty. the harvest is coming.

development is already underway. i’m steadily hammering away at the technical framework now and there should be some new media to show off soon.

I suppose it’s time to kick back and wait. I, for one, am terribly curious to see what comes next.

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  • BarryB says:

    Kind of looks like the NYC subway system.

    6e6e6e: heh. 6e was good enough for his parents, but no–he had to go stretch it out. What’s next? Make it sound very uppercrust British with a double-barreled 6e6e6e-4ct?

  • erdraug says:

    Looks weird. But maybe that’s a compliment?

  • BarryB says:

    If it’s more than just window-dressing, with smart dialog, good plotting, and distinctive gameplay. We can hope.

  • Calavera says:

    I… I want this. Wow. Speechless.

  • Hey, sorry to dig this up.

    Trying to find out more about the game and more specifically the creator, and can hardly find a smidgen.

    I missed the kickstarter, but was wondering if you could give me any hints as to how the production of this seems to be going, and who this mysterious developer might be.



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