Shattered Throne announced, playable

Shattered Throne
Checkmark Games (whom you might remember as the creator behind first-person dungeon crawler Dark Delve) has announced the development of a new project: Shattered Throne, a fantasy strategy title with mechanics patterned after Advance War’s.

There doesn’t seem to be a plot summary online yet, but this should give you the gist of what Checkmark Games is aiming for here:

Shattered Throne is a turn based strategy game heavily inspired by the Advanced Wars series of games from Nintendo. Unlike Advanced Wars however, the game is set in a fantasy world and features 3 different factions of unique units. Each faction also has 3 different Leaders that can be chosen, which will change the tactical approach and feel of each faction depending on which is chosen.

Shattered Throne is currently in beta, with a free (Windows-only) version available for you to download and play. You can grab it off of Google Drive here. Per the author, you’ll need to have both .NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 runtimes installed in order to play.

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