Terra Aegrus 2: Rise of the Lich King announced, demo available

Terra Aegrus 2
Alexander Gray II writes in to announce the development of Terra Aegrus 2: Rise of the Lich King, a turn based single player RPG.

The premise:

An evil lich king is creating an army of undead and you and your party of adventures must find a way to destroy him.
You have to explore the land to find and destroy the required artifacts that will make the lich mortal, and then engage him in mortal combat.

Pretty standard stuff, all in all.

Per Gray, you’ll be in control of a four-character party from the start of the game. There is a very (as in, more than 2 years) old gameplay video up; there is a weirdly incongruous mix of anime and western art styles going on here, but if you skip to about 2 minutes into the video, you’ll see some turn-based combat that reminds one of some of the old Ultima combat systems:

There is already a free demo publicly available right now, though the full game is not planned for release until mid-2013. This one is Windows-only. Get the free demo here.

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