Battle Dungeon: Risen announced

Battle Dungeon Risen
Hunted Cow‘s fantasy tactics game Battle Dungeon: Risen has had a dramatic history. First released last year on the iPhone and iPad last year as online-only game Battle Dungeon, piracy caused the developers to lose so much money that they had to pull the game from the app store.

After months of tinkering, they are preparing to rerelease it. The new, non-online incarnation of Battle Dungeon has been subtitled “Risen,” playing on the image of a phoenix rising from its own ashes.

The premise:

Battle Dungeon: Risen is an exciting turn-based tactical strategy game for the iPad and iPhone. Fight through 12 exciting and challenging scenarios. Train and equip warriors, archers and clerics and send them forth to defeat your enemies across multiple dungeons. As you fight for victory you’ll collect valuable experience and powerful items that will aid you in future battles.

The game reportedly allows you to customize your force, choosing from a pool of 30 characters from 3 classes (9 subclasses), with varying combinations of 18 different abilities.

Battle Dungeon: Risen is due for release on iOS at the end of the month. The original version of the game was $4.99–this new version will be only $1.99, and will have the in-app purchases stripped out. It is also due to feature some nice lighting effects that weren’t present in the original (see the pics below).

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