Dragon Fantasy Book II announced

Dragon Fantasy Book II
You may recall my post last year about the release of Muteki Corporation‘s Dragon Fantasy, a jRPG with a distinctly FF4-ish look about it, broken up episodically into chapters.

Recently, I’ve seen mention of both Dragon Fantasy Book II and Dragon Fantasy 2. “Which is it,” I asked myself, “a new episode or a full-fledged sequel?” Having reviewed the terminology, I’ve decided that it must be the latter–the earlier episodes were chapters, which I guess means “Book” refers to a full sequel. Right? Sure. Let’s just roll with that assumption for now, anyway.

Supporting my “this is a full-bore sequel” theory is the fact that Dragon Fantasy Book II has shed its FF4-like appearance and emerged from its chrysalis looking decidedly more Chrono Trigger-ish–which is to say, the game’s graphics have gotten a major upgrade since the first installment. See for yourself:

Dragon Fantasy Book II is a bit unusual in that it’s an indie RPG exclusive to the PS3 and Playstation Vita. I might be mistaken, but I think that’s actually a first for this website, and evidence of the great lengths that Sony has been going to to court indie developers over the past year or so.

Muteki hasn’t posted anything on their website, but I actually got a chance to meet developer Adam Rippon and play a build of this game briefly at PAX East, so based on what I learned, I’m telling you now that this game is (a) heavily influenced by Dragon Quest, FF6 and Chrono Trigger; and (b) is coming out for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita this summer (i.e. in a few months). No word yet on the price.

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