New release: Life of a Wizard

Life of a Wizard
Hosted Games, the not-Choice-of-Games-but-owned-by-the-same-people company that distributes user-made games created with the Choice of Games engine, has written in to let me know about a new release in that vein called Life of a Wizard.

Created by Mike Walter, Life of a Wizard is an RPG / Choose Your Own Adventure hybrid with variable stats and multiple endings. The premise:

Write an archmage’s autobiography in this 80-year 130,000-word interactive fiction! Play good or evil, man or woman, as you bring peace to the kingdom or take over the world with your sorcery. Brew potions, raise the dead, summon mythical beasts, control men’s minds, and blast away your enemies.

Will you find romance, get married, or have children? Will you become the arch-mage, grand bishop, nature-loving druid, hardened battle-mage or even an undead lich? The choice is yours!

Can I become an undead lich, then get married and have children? Because that sounds…well, kind of gross, actually. And yet, intriguing!

Life of a Wizard has a free browser demo. The full version is available for $1.99 on iOS and Android, and for PC via the Chrome web store.

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