New release: Realms of Fortune

Realms of Fortune
Clayton Lilly of Gamaray Ltd. writes in to tell me about Realms of Fortune, an Elder Scrolls-style open world action RPG released back in 2011. Not technically a new release, then, but it’s new to me!

The premise:

Realms of Fortune is a first person open world RPG set in an era similar to our own age of discovery. However, instead of sailing in ships across the ocean, adventurers use gatestones to explore a distant land full of magic, treasure, and ancient secrets.

That’s certainly an unusual choice of setting, one which neatly justifies the appearance of flintlock pistols throughout the game’s media.

Something left out of the official premise, but which I find quite interesting, is that the world is apparently procedurally generated with each new game. Here, read about it in convenient bullet point form!

  • A very large, randomly generated world full of lakes, hills, dungeons and more. Each game you play is a whole new adventure.
  • Dozens of unique creatures.
  • Real-time, first person combat and exploration.
  • A huge variety of upgradeable weapons and armor.
  • Firearms, including scoped weapons.
  • The ability to create potions from plants that you find.
  • Seamless world, even when going in and out of dungeons.
  • Swimming, diving, and underwater dungeons
  • Fishing and hunting.
  • An exciting main quest.

The graphics of Realms of Fortune remind me a bit of the Morrowind era of gaming, which I find perfectly agreeable. (That said, I could definitely do without that enormous targeting reticle taking up the center of the screen.) Here’s a video showing the game in action on Android. In my opinion, it looks a lot better in motion than it does in screenshots:

Realms of Fortune comes in both Android and Windows flavors; per the developer, the Windows one has a few graphical niceties that don’t appear in the Android version. Both versions have free demos (Android, Windows); the full game costs $0.99 for Android on Google Play, and $2.95 for Windows direct from the developer.

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  • n0mad says:

    Just played 2 h0urs 0f the andr0id dem0 0n a tablet and came 0ut 0f it impressed t0 say the least…..
    0nly pr0blem is I d0n’t like repairing and wd40 is expensive hehehe……


  • Matthew says:

    This could be very awesome. 🙂

  • Arca says:

    … but sadly, it is not (and believe me, I love first-person RPGs). I just tried the demo ~2 hours, and the game is really, really basic and slow. The beginning is like a MMO, not a RPG. It is also a bit buggy. In particular, when an enemy chases you then returns to its original spot, you can slash him to death and he won’t fight back (plain stupid). Combat has no tactical aspect nor block/dodge or accuracy system; don’t be fooled by the huge cross: your fireballs will find your target anyways (or pass through it without inflicting any damage if you’re one meter too far away).

    On a side note, the graphics are pretty good but far behind Morrowind.

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