New release: The Wizard’s Lair

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You may recall me posting about The Wizard’s Lair, a graphical roguelike, back in October. Developer David Williams writes in to announce that the game is now complete.

The premise:

Dare you challenge The Wizard’s Lair? in this adventure, you find yourself facing against your greatest challenge yet – To enter the Wizard’s Lair and slay the Wizard of Anarkhis! Face off against fearful creatures and dodge devastating traps as you descend into the depths!

Use powerful spell scrolls, drink mysterious potions and find legendary weapons to aid you in your quest to defeat the Wizard!

Stupid wizards! Always researching magic, and wearing robes, and…uh…wait. Why do we want to slay this guy, again?

…okay, I went back and read my first post about this game. Apparently the wizard “has stolen a powerful Staff and threatens to destroy everything in his wake.” It could be a roguelike allegory for rogue nations acquiring nuclear weapons. (But it probably isn’t.)

Here’s a trailer!

You can buy The Wizard’s Lair direct from the developer for Windows, Mac and Linux for £7 (i.e. $10.52 USD as of the time of writing). The Wizard’s Lair will soon be available on Desura as well.

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