New release: Vengeance Road

Vengeance Road
It’s been a while since we featured a new jRPG here on–let’s fix that! A few minutes of digging around the internets reveals to me the existence of Vengeance Road, a new title from Warfare Studios. The premise:

Gallagar used to be a fragile country, weak and without respect. That was until Queen Lilliana took the throne for herself. Slowly things started to change, the country became stronger, it now inspires fear into enemies. However, that was not without cost, in that long path the people were forgotten, Gallagar became a place of terror both for enemies and for those who call it home.

Sura, is a young woman, leader of an infamous group of mercenaries called The Night Sword, her only objective is to provide a good life for her brother while keeping him safe, they have both suffered by the hands of the Kingdom not unlike everyone else. What she doesn’t know is that a Rebellion is coming upon the country, and she is to play a role of great importance…

Will you travel down Vengence Road, or will you instead opt for Saveyourmoney Avenue? Only you can decide! You can nab a free demo here to help with that decision. The game is available from both Aldorlea Games and Amaranth Games for $19.99; Windows only.

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  • jim says:

    Since these JRPGs are so reliant on text-driven narrative, it blows my mind that they don’t focus more on grammar.


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