The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death announced

The Dark Triad
I’ve just received an email from Abel Bascunana of Autoloot Games, Ltd. (a Spanish studio reportedly formed by former employees of Ubisoft, Gameloft and Funcom), announcing their new RPG The Dark Triad.

Per the developers, The Dark Triad will be turn-based, isometric, and fully 3D. The game is set to feature 8 character classes, with a skills and specialty system that lets you customize your characters’…well, skills and abilities.

According to Bascunana, the game will feature turn-based combat, dialog trees, traps and lock-picking; the developers are aiming to balance dialog and combat roughly 50 / 50.

The Dark Triad’s presentation thus far is very Baldur’s Gate-y, as you can see in the video below:

Per the developers, this game still has about 10 months of development left to go; they are seeking £80,000 (read: about $121,320) on Kickstarter to finance that remaining development time.

The Dark Triad is currently planned for release on PC and XBox 360 in December 2013.

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