New release: Alpha Kimori Episode 2

Alpha Kimori
Aldorlea Games writes in to announce the release of Alpha Kimori Episode 2, the second in a trio of episodic jRPGs developed by Sherman 3D.

Sherman 3D describes the Alpha Kimori series as

cute, bright, and colorful Japanese Anime inspired episodic casual 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.

I’m not sure where the “action” part comes in, as combat is explicitly turn-based–perhaps that refers to other challenges in the game? As for the narrative premise:

Alpha Kimori™ is set 50 years after the alien invasion of Earth when the newly discovered planet Kimori plays host to two warring human factions – the Bidarians, who want to reclaim Earth, and the Jinrians, who are contented with their new home. Even as the Bidarians destroy with their mighty Robotic Intelligent Cybernetic Armor (RICA) technology, the Jinrians defend the planet with the ability to transmute into colossal indigenous creatures. Amidst the turmoil, young Bidarian warrior, Rick, falls in love with Jinrian princess, Yuki.

So it’s a fairly unusual setting for an RPG, though I wouldn’t exactly go into this expecting novel-quality writing. You can get a better sense for the games by watching the Episode 2 trailer below:

The first episode of Alpha Kimori was evidently released two years ago, unbeknownst to me. You can find free demos for both Episodes 1 and 2 here and here, respectively. The full version of each episode is $14.99, direct from the developer; if Alpha Kimori sounds like your kind of game, you can snag Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

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