New release: Diehard Dungeon

Diehard Dungeon
I just found about this one: Diehard Dungeon is an action roguelike in the Zelda style, a bit like Delver’s Drop, which evidently released on the XBox 360’s XBLIG service hack in September. This past Friday, on April 19th, it released for PC as well.

Contrary to my deepest hopes and wishes, you do not play as John McClane. The premise is nothing more than “Escape the dungeon by any means necessary!” Actual quote.

The game features 7 bosses, multiple routes, challenge rooms, multiple endings, and playthroughs that last between 30 and 45 minutes on a successful run. here’s a trailer showing the thing in action:

Diehard Dungeon is available for 80 Microsoft Points on the XBox 360 via XBox Live Indie Games; there’s a free demo available there as well. To get DD for Windows, you’ll need to either nab it as part of the Indie Royale Debut 2 Bundle (which includes the previously covered Battlepaths), or else wait for it to appear on Desura.

DD is also on Greenlight, so go ahead and upvote it if you want to help developer Tricktale get this game on Steam.

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