New release: Srututu: Forgotten Foe

Robert Gąsiorowski of Desert Fox Software writes in to announce the release of Srututu: Forgotten Foe, an odd sort of board game / RPG mix. (It actually came out on November 28, 2012, but I only just heard about it, so New Release it is!)

Here is how the developer describes it:

Srututu-Forgotten Foe is a board role-playing game. It is a combination of Monopoly and Desktop Dungeons. The board consists of 64 spaces arranged in a large square. Each space represents different place (Town, Fields, Forest, Desert,etc.). At the end of each turn, the player can perform selected action such as sleeping, searching for enemies, hunting. Many actions depends on the character classes, skills, and equipment. Srututu-Forgotten Foe The offers many opportunities and some skill connections may bring you great results (such as Hunting and Cooking). All depends on player’s strategy.

Robert tells me that the game has 20 missions, but no overarching story to speak of. You progress through the game by rolling dice and moving across a game board. There are six character classes in the game, each of which can be customized with different skills:

Warrior- high Hp, can use many types of weapons.
Thief- fast, increases critical hit chance every 6 levels
Archer- very fast fighter, bonus Dmg and critical hit when using ranged weapons
Hunter- high Hp,can hunt to get meat and fish,
Mage- high Mana,have offensive spells
Priest- high Mana, heal spell

Combat is similar to Desktop Dungeons, in that enemies are passive and battles usually optional. You can get a sense of how it plays by watching the video below:

Srututu: Forgotten Foe is available for free: you can download it from IndieDB, or from Indievania (with an option to tip the developer as a thank you). Srututu is Windows-only.

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