Sojourn announced

A bit of digging around online has revealed the existence of Sojourn, a 3D roguelike-like in development by Horrific Games.

Sojourn opts for a decidedly Dark Souls-ish take on the genre, with an over-the shoulder perspective; difficult, weighty, real-time combat; and a bleak, sinister medieval setting.

Here is a video showing the latest build of the game:

Per the developer, character advancement in Sojourn will occur primarily through (1) a skill tree and (2) by building up stats that allow the use of more powerful items. He writes:

There are 6 stats, Vigor, Might, Agility, Perception, Intellect and Courage. They’re assigned at character creation and don’t do much by themselves. At character creation you also get a few skillpoints to assign, which go into a big skill tree. Each skill on the tree takes one point to unlock, and unlocks some ability – it might be a slowmo ability that uses energy, or the ability to sing spells, or lockpicking, or you remove penalties from heavy armour. That kind of stuff.

Skills all have a stat requirement, and may also need another skill to be unlocked.

There are no experience points or levels. Accomplishing certain feats awards more skillpoints. That might be defeating a boss, exploring a hidden location, or resting in a ancient library and reading the books there (assuming you have a high enough intellect and can read the appropriate language). You don’t need to fight to get more skill points, and it’ll be possible to sneak past every enemy.

Sojourn is currently being developed for Windows; the developer may investigate the feasibility of a Linux port as well. Once the game reaches alpha, Horrific Games plan to begin doing alpha and beta releases.

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